Alefort is the craft beverage and food tasting component of Treefort Music Fest. The Alefort team is committed to the presentation of unique and high quality food and beverage experiences that illuminate the intersection of craft beverage and local cuisine with Boise’s greater culture.

We encourage you to bring your own 8 oz. Alefort cup (note: you can use your Treefort 16 oz. stainless steel cup but you will pay for double the beer because it’s double the size) but you are always welcome to purchase a new one to reuse during the fest as well.

Get a taste of Alefort Friday through Sunday of Treefort (March 25-29) during these hours:
Friday 3/27 2pm-9pm
Saturday 3/28 12pm-9pm
Sunday 3/29 12pm-6pm


The enlarged booze tent is free and open to the public (21+) but this year, you can skip the line via the Buzz entrance, sample special private reserves, get exclusive merch and goodies — you’ll even have access to private bathrooms — with a Buzz Pass.