Haven’t you heard the saying “Treefort is for Everyone”? But is it really though? Find out in the latest video from our friends at Retroscope Media and don’t miss your chance to buy your Discovery passes…while you still can.

We’re excited to spend our eighth birthday with all you Treeforters! Mark your calendars for March 20-24, 2019. Passes to Treefort 2019 are on sale now!.


Welcome to the Fort Family.

Treefort Music Fest: March 20-24, 2019, Downtown Boise, ID


Directed by Zach Voss
Produced by Retroscope Media

Starring Hollis Welsh, Nick Garcia and Chad Shohet

Written by Dusty Aunan and Zach Voss
Concept by Retroscope Media and Treefort Music Fest
Director of Photography Jake Schumacher
Production Design by Willow Socia
Set Design by Sean Aucutt
Graphic Design by Nathan Warner and James Llyod
Edited by Mandy Daigle and Zach Voss
Color Correction Jake Rapp
Field audio Chase Bennett
Post audio Mark Doubleday
Art department Assistant Lila Rae
Gaffer Brian Splawn
Grip Taylor Bickel
Production Assistance Alex Satterlee

Extras Mira, Nico, Marlo, Deb & Frank Urizar, Anders and Busayo Apampa

Special thanks to Matt Gilkerson, Kerry Frisch

Music Credits
“Only Way In” by Magic Sword
“Cartoon Rock” by Delicate Steve
“Palm Springs” by Pleasant Pictures Music Club