Band Dialogue V

Each year there many unique performances at Treefort, a favorite across the board has been Band Dialogue, a very special orchestrated multi-band performance composed by Seth Olinsky (akron/family, Cy Dune). 2016 marks the third Band Dialogue for Boise, but the fifth one for Seth — making it a very special Band Dialogue V at Treefort V performance.

We chatted with Seth about his vision, ideas and conception, here’s what he had to say:

Band Dialogue is a piece I started imagining in 2012 and composed the first version of in 2013 for Hopscotch Music Festival (in North Carolina) with the help of Martin Anderson and Tina Haver Currin helping me pull off the crazy idea the first time. And the many amazing musicians willing to play it the first time including – Andrew Barker, Tim Dahl, Greg Fox, Pontiak, TUFT (fka Hi Ho Silver Oh), Jamaican Queens, and more.

Since I have been lucky to do it at Treefort Music Fest (2014, 2015) and Sled Island (2015) as well as Hopscotch (2013) , which I think are three of the coolest music festivals in North America right now. All with their own artistic voice, but sharing a focus on music and community which for me is what Band Dialogue is all about.

Every year the piece keeps getting different, bigge25595670863_739b3e6fff_mr, and LOUDER and I’ve met an amazing amount of incredible musicians, discovered new bands, and made new friends. Here is this year’s list of insanely amazing bands and artists playing and all the bands from the past too —
Sun Blood Stories, The Western Mystics, Cy Dune, Ali Beletic, Dana Buoy,Tuft, Sugar Candy Mountain, Animal Eyes, Invisible Hand, Religious Girls, AU, AAN, Built to Spill, American Culture, Terrible Light, Marshall Poole, C.J. Boyd, BATTLEHOOCH, HiHazel, Unconditional Arms and more.

PAST: Dead Soft, Stepmothers, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, WHOOP-Szo, The FAPS, Brother Prussia, MILK (band), Chick Magnets, 36?, Daniel McCormak, Windigo, Raleigh, Matt Doherty, Hexray, Saxsyndrum, Ohioan,Delicate Steve, Twin Steps, Inner Oceans, Wooden Indian Burial Ground.,Sama Dams, Art Fad, and more I can’t find…..I need to make a list! Brock Geiger, Shawn Petsche, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Benjamin Pacheco, Mike Horick

And since this is technically considered a “Second Chance Show“, be sure to put it on your radar for 4:30pm when building your schedule on Saturday, March 26th. It will take place outside of the cocktail hotspot Modern Hotel & Bar.