Filmfort Announces First Round of Films

Just Announced! Filmfort begins to build its lineup and activities for Treefort 2016. Like in years past, screenings and activities will be taking place all over town where you can experience the best of the year’s independent films and even get involved in the process of creating screenplays and music video magic during the five days of the festival. Plus we’re joining up with our sisterforts for a double layer of goodness.

Check out some of the highlights in this first go around!

THE POWER OF GLOVE  — A feature documentary that chronicles the journey of the world’s most notorious video game controller: the Nintendo Power Glove. For the first time, discover the history and legacy behind the glove that helped inspire a generation of gamers. An epic Q&A with the filmmakers Adam Ward and Andrew Austin will be a crossover event with Hackfort following the premiere.

GENDERATIONS – We are stoked to announce the world premiere of GENDERATIONS, a short documentary about gender and its role in society. Followed by a Q & A with GENDERATIONS filmmakers Britt McClintock and Melissa Murray.

HAVANA MOTOR CLUB – We’re bringing the culture and the changing times of Cuba to Boise with this screening of the award-winning documentary by BJ Perlmutt, who tells a personal, character-driven story about Cuba’s vibrant community of underground drag racers and their quest to hold Cuba’s first official car race since shortly after the 1959 Revolution.

PELOTA – Preceding the HAVANA MOTOR CLUB will be this short documentary by Idaho native and Gracie award-winning journalist Reed Lindsay. The doc is about baseball in Cuba and the players who forego multi-million dollars contracts in the U.S. choosing to stay in Cuba in order to play for national pride and love of the game. Followed by a Q&A.

STORY TO SCREEN – In a collab with Storyfort,  learn from the pros and see how the page makes it to the screen. A panel of Boise-based filmmakers and writers; including Alan Heathcock and Cody Gittings with their project SMOKE —made in Idaho— along with filmmaker and writer Craig Lew and filmmaker and writer Elizabeth Rodgers, moderated by Sabina Dana Plasse of The Human Experience Arts & Management. It’s great for those writers, filmmakers or anyone devoted to the creative process.

SCRIPT TO SCREEN: The Business of Making A Movie –  A three-hour series of discussions with writers, producers and film equipment rental companies. The series will discuss the “why” behind the screenplay and elements in the story that impact cost, the schedule and why to prioritize by actor over location as well as the budget, insurance, equipment, fundraising, hiring and casting.

MUSIC VIDEO BOOTHBoise Rock School joins Filmfort to offer a week-long spring break camp for students, which culminates with Treefort and Boise Rock School musicians coming together to create broadcast style music videos on the spot.

This is just the beginning, so be sure to follow Filmfort on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.