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Treefort Music Fest is a 4-day event taking place March 20-23 in downtown Boise, Idaho. Learn about Treefort by exploring the information below and the links above.

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Building a Treefort

The early incarnations of a Boise-based festival came about as a small group of friends, inspired by recent artistic happenings in the city, met together to brainstorm ways to make the city’s art scene even better.

One pal threw out the idea of getting a music festival rolling in the city of trees - something to expose national and regional acts to the wonders of Boise, while showcasing the best and brightest local artists. Excited and in full agreeance, the group started planning long term - aiming to get an inaugural run going years down the road, as necessary startup funding wasn't immediately available.

As word spread, the group - helmed by Eric Gilbert - connected with the folks from Duck Club Presents, who were simultaneously pursuing similar interests and shared a vision with the original group. In true Boise spirit - rather than compete, the two parties decided to join forces, sharing resources and hitting the ground running on a 2012 event.

The group worked tirelessly. The idea grew. It got a name - Treefort Music Fest. This festival developed a new sponsorship model - working solely with locally involved organizations. The group of organizers expanded and over 200 volunteers got involved.

Six months later, Treefort hosted 137 acts and thousands of attendees. The inaugural run was so successful for the city, this thing became an annual event. In 2013, the numbers grew, nearly doubling the number of bands, venues and attendees, even adding additional events throughout the festival such as Treefort Film Series, Yogafort, Bricofort, Alefort and more. Driven by a passion for Boise and music at large, Treefort’s vision remains the same: to showcase regional and national emerging talent to music fans in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Festival Press Quotes

"People feel emotional about Treefort because it’s personal. It’s intimate. Music fans aim to see their favorite bands in bars and clubs, not stadiums and arenas. As it stands, Treefort is the festival version of the former. It is a treasure and it’s unlikely that those at the helm of Boise’s economy and infrastructure realize just what kind of treasure it could become."
"Treefort felt like a place to hear and see music without worrying too much about drunks or fights. It felt like a place where people gathered who actually gave a shit about the bands they were seeing. And in a world where festivals are often focused on the party and not the art, it was good to know that Treefort Music Fest exists."
"Last weekend, Boise hosted its second year of the rising Treefort Music Festival, and it was an absolute blast…I’m positive Treefort is going to become a much-anticipated and much-loved annual Northwest tradition for many. It deserves to be."
"Looking back, I would consider the inaugural year of Treefort Music Fest to be a resounding success. This was a highly organized and tightly run festival with no visible hiccups that one would associate with a fist time adventure. The festival provided a fantastic glimpse into a wide variety of emerging and established artists and I left with distinct impression that while Treefort may be a small it’s well on its way to becoming a regional tour de force."
"In truth, I’m still reeling from the over-sensory experience – reasons musical, social, commercial, familial, chemical and habitational all burn in my brain like a cattle brand. In other words: we all left floored. Somehow, Boise’s first foray into tier-1 market models was beyond a success..."