San Francisco, CA


Formed in 2001, San Francisco's TARTUFI began as a power-pop trio but then burned their roots and morphed into a loop-heavy sonic scene building duo.

Armed with too many amplifiers, almost enough delay pedals and modified loop-stations, the duo recorded Us Upon Buildings Upon Us (2006- Thread Records) with the help of Tim Green (Joanna Newsom, Melvins, Monotonix) at Louder Studios. Having shed many of the band’s previous pop sensibilities, UUBUU’s rich, epic and complex sound surprised many critics and fans alike. The album propelled Tartufi farther onto the national stage. Tartufi made three laps around the U.S. in support of UUBUU. Audiences nationwide were left awestruck as the duo was able to reproduce the complexities of the album using live looping as opposed to with the aid of a laptop or Midi time clocks. Critics around the country picked UUBUU as one of the best albums of the year. In 2007, after more than 120 shows, Tartufi was voted Best Indie Band in the Bay by The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

In the spring of 2008 Tartufi returned to Louder Studios and began working on their next album, Nests of Waves and Wire. After months of recording, overdubs and mixing, Angel and Gorman left the studio with an album that they were extremely proud of and that was, without a doubt, their most mature work to date. Further exploring the boundaries of vocal and instrumental layering, poly-rhythmic deconstruction and song arrangement, NOWAW is a lush and weighty mix of the band’s compositional sensibilities and sonic daydreams. At eight in the morning the following day, five hours after they finished the album, Tartufi received a call from Southern Records offering to sign the band and release the new album. Nests of Waves and Wire was released in May 2009 and received critical acclaim in the US and EU, topping numerous "best of" lists and year-end spotlights.

Tartufi then released an EP entitled The Goodwill of the Scar (Southern Records) in the spring of 2010 and toured the US behind it. The EP consists of one, twenty-six minute epic song, “The Butterless Man”, that brought the band into new musical territories where they were able to explore the inevitability of the formation of musical movements within larger pieces of work. Needless to say, "The Butterless Man" was a HUGE commercial radio hit.

In 2011, Tartufi expanded their ranks and became a trio once again with the addition of Benjamin Thorne (Low Red Land, Minot) on bass. A whole new realm of possibilities has been opened with an extra set of hands on deck. The band completed their next full length, These Factory Days (Southern Records), in March of 2013. Building upon their musical mosaics and seamless song-craft the recent addition of Thorne on bass has allowed the band to fully metamorphose into a three-headed creature walking the wires between chaos and cacophony, subtly and synchronicity. As one reviewer said, "Tartufi are unafraid of venturing into a complex sonic world where post-rock, psych and experimental pop are built from endless loops and pulsing polyrhythms, then blasted off into space to see what happens. The result is a beautiful, if unpredictable, wall of sound".