Sun Blood Stories

Boise, ID

Sun Blood Stories

Careening from desert ghost songs to crashing super-fuzz riffs, live shows take on the pulsing communal sweat of a round-the-fire dance rite; albums the feel of ancient alien radio.


"Though I made a personal oath not to use the phrase "killing it," that's exactly what the band's fuzzy slide riffs, tribalistic performance and gut-punch drums were doing." -Boise Weekly

"It's like John Bonham doing acid in a castle right now." - The Tonic Room

"Sun Blood Stories: Imagine Bobbie Gentry's haunting vocals on the classic "Ode to Billie Joe," but with the instrumental guts of The Black Keys. Then dress the whole thing up in face-paint and add percussion so vicious that it's a rare tambourine that survives a whole gig. That's Sun Blood Stories." -- Boise Weekly

"Watching Sun Blood Stories is basically like going to the rainforest and taking psychedelics…so you should probably come check it out." -- The Wax House