Boise, ID


Psycache is a highly adaptable creature and thrives on dance floors and very large PA systems.

Having migrated out of the Black Rock Desert with a taste for broken beat bass music, Psycache took it upon himself to begin playing then under-represented genres of electronic dance music in Boise's EDM scene.

With that musicological niche being already quite filled with DJ's, Psycache evolved to have a great deal of flexibility, adapting his genre and track selection to the ever changing conditions of venue and audience. Consequently, many of his fellow hominids, who had previously no taste for electronic music, suddenly found themselves head bobbing, dancing, or otherwise having a really good time.

Psycache is characterized by his costumes, crooked smile, exuberant lip-syncing, and constant dancing while he plays. His habitat range includes night clubs, mountain festivals, desert art cars, ancient Toltec cities, dance studios, beer tents, downtown block parties, dive bars, living rooms, giant dinosaur puppets, and Glitch in the System on Radio Boise.

Psycache is mated with The Dance Commander, a sexy scientist and dance teacher also known as Celeste. Working in cooperation, they create one "sweaty, booty shakin' vortex" of a cardio dance class, that must be experienced to be understood.

In the most general terms, Psycache is a creature of love. Love for music, love for dance, and love for all human beings, with whom he wishes to inspire the universal joy that is giving oneself over to music and movement.