mr. Gnome

Cleveland, OH

mr. Gnome

Inspired by a taste for the surreal, Cleveland’s Mr. Gnome has been creating a singular amalgam of gritty, space-psychedelia since 2005, gaining them an ever-growing cult following across North America and Europe, as well as praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Paste, Bust, and more.

With a nod to the off-kiltered, the constantly touring duo are currently working on the follow-up to their third full-length album Madness In Miniature, released October 2011 on El Marko Records. While the previous two albums offered mere glimpses, Madness is an all-encompassing gaze into two delicate yet roaring, hypnotic yet beautifully disconcerting minds that come together to make sense as one. The layered and ultimately anthemic first single “Bit of Tongue” is available now for a free download.

Singer/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer/pianist Sam Meister bring an unfiltered approach to their craft, allowing for emotional and sonic variance. The duo’s mood swings are mirrored by the band’s surreal album artwork, and forthcoming music videos, all created by Barille and Meister themselves. Madness in Miniature twists from soft lullabies to interstellar chaos, represented well by “Bit of Tongue.” The intricately woven musical tapestries and hallucinogenic interludes pounded out by the duo represent an expansion and perfection of the stylistic character Mr. Gnome had previously become synonymous.

Like the previous album Heave Yer Skeleton (2009), the new record was recorded at Josh Homme’s (Queens of the Stone Age/Them Crooked Vultures) Pink Duck Studios in Los Angeles. The Madness in Miniature sessions signal the band’s second opportunity to partner with Pink Duck Studio Manager and Engineer, Justin Smith (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures) as well. Portland’s Beau Sorenson, who mixes the previous two albums, is back as well.